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Welcome to the 2023 Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) Microsite!

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will spearhead the 123rd Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1050, series of 1997 declaring the month of September as the Civil Service Month. This is in observance of the establishment of the Philippine Civil Service by virtue of Public Law No. 5 (An Act for the Establishment and Maintenance of an Efficient and Honest Civil Service in the Philippine Islands) on 19 September 1900.

In 2021, CSC introduced a 10-year overarching theme, Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroes. The theme reflects the collective experience of the government workforce in the new normal, and in pushing for digital transformation and innovations to uphold public service excellence and continuity.

For this year, the 123rd PCSA celebration shall focus on the importance of cultivating dynamism among government workers to, in turn, foster sustainable management and strengthened organizational resilience. A bureaucracy marked by dynamic employees, sustainable management/leadership, and a resilient organization is one that can adapt to abrupt changes and is capable of withstanding difficulties without compromising on service delivery – a truly future-ready civil service, as envisioned in the 10-year PCSA Theme.

Join and promote the 123rd PCSA celebration by using these hashtags: #PCSA2023 #dynamiccivilservice

Check out the 2023 PCSA Calendar below showing the weekly-themed events lined up for this year:


Week 1 

Pre-event Activity: PCSA Event Launch

The CSC held a virtual PCSA Event Launch on 7 August 2023, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, for the public as a means to engage stakeholders in the anniversary celebration. Aside from discussing the line-up of activities, the launch also featured a panel of experts to lead the discourse on relevant topics surrounding dynamism. Watch the recorded livestream on CSC's Facebook Page!