Examination Announcement No. 04, s. 2023


 The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announces the calendar of civil service examinations through Pen and Paper test (PPT) for CY 2024, as follows:

 Date of Examination  Title of Examination Issuance Date of Exam Announcement
(via CSC Website) 
Application Period 
 Target Release Date of Test Results 
 28 Jan 2024  CSE-FSO1  c/o DFA-BFSE 18 Sep 2023  20 Oct 2023
DFA3 Satellite and
Consular Offices; DFA
Foreign Service Posts)
 10 Mar 2024
 03 Mar 2024 CSEProfessional and SubProfessional level*  30 Oct 2023 20 Nov 2023  03 Jan 2024  12 May 2024
 02 June 2024  FOE5 / POE6 / BCLTE7  12 Feb 2024 04 Mar 2024  03 Apr 2024  14 July 2024
 11 Aug 2024  CSE Professional and SubProfessional levels  22 Apr 2024 13 May 2024  13 June 2024  20 Oct 2024

*with limited acceptance of applications for the period 16-27 December 2023 to be managed by the CSC Regional/Field Offices to give way to the preparation and submission of year-end reports and project/program evaluation reports, and other year-end official activities

Except for the CSE-FSO, the CSC shall issue individual or separate examination announcements three (3) weeks before the start of each application period as indicated above. The announcement shall contain detailed information on the following areas:

  1. Scope of examination;
  2. Passing grade;
  3. Testing centers;
  4. Qualification/Admission requirements;
  5. Application/Documentary requirements;
  6. Where to get the application form and how to file the application;
  7. Target release of test results; and
  8. Resulting civil service eligibility.

Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer. 
Department of Foreign Affairs-Board of Foreign Service Examinations.
Department of Foreign Affairs.
Career Service Examination.
Fire Officer Examination.
Penology Officer Examination.
Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination.

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