A total of 26,307 examinees, representing 18.97 percent of the 138,703 total number of actual examinees, passed the Career Service Examinations conducted nationwide on 7 August this year, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) disclosed.

Almost 85 percent or 22,241 of the total passers passed the Professional level, and the rest, the Subprofessional level.

Leading the pack of the 117,938 examinees of the Career Service Professional Exam is Kate Angelica P. Pasobillo from Bicol Region, who garnered a rating of 90.08, while Rey Timothy H. Nalica from Southern Tagalog bested the 20,765 Subprofessional examinees with a rating of 94.77.

Completing the top passers of the Professional level are: Donna Lyn Mackay from the National Capital Region (NCR), 89.96; Krianne Isobelle F. Garcia (NCR), 89.94; Freziel Jade M. Natividad (Cagayan Valley), 89.82; John Peter A. Himor (Bicol Region), 89.71; Francine T. Felices (Bicol Region), 89.70; Joana Mae D. Duran (Cagayan Valley), 89.42; Midge G. Bangsoy (CAR), 89.32; Ivy B. Alcaide (Southern Tagalog), 89.21; and Yasser Abdulaziz N. Binsuan (BARMM) and Mark Jasper J. Cantre (Southern Tagalog), 89.20.

For the Subprofessional level, five examinees from Southern Tagalog are among the top passers, namely, Francois Claire M. Manrique, with a rating of 94.19; Gilbert A. Recosana, 93.43; Joey R. Rosales, 93.33; Ayla Michelle M. Faller, 93.13; and Pearl Monique V. Valentin, 93.02. Other top performers include: Roselyn D. Comia (NCR), 93.83; Ashley Mae T. Dulnuan (CAR), 93.57; Shalimar A. Anacio (Cagayan Valley), 93.23; and Maria Angelita Socorro Z. Hefti (Bicol Region), 93.08.

Regional performance would show that Central Luzon grabbed the highest passing rate for the examinations at 37.44 percent. The percentage covers 738 passers out of 1,971 actual number of examinees. Of the said number, 688 passed the Professional test while 50 passed the Subprofessional test. These figures, representing 37.29 percent and 39.68 percent of the number of examinees for each level, are likewise the highest passing rate for the Professional and Subprofessional levels, respectively, from among the regions.

Individual and collective figures would further show Northern Mindanao in the second spot with a passing rate of 27.51 percent, or 1,382 passers out of 5,023 examinees, with 1,169 of the passers coming from the Professional level and 213 from the Subprofessional level.

Based on combined statistics for both Professional and Subprofessional levels, the Cordillera Administrative Region, Ilocos Region, and Bicol Region likewise fared well with passing rates at 23.79 percent, 21.35 percent, and 21.04 percent, respectively.

The CSC said that the passers will be conferred the corresponding civil service Professional and Subprofessional eligibilities. The Professional Eligibility shall be appropriate for permanent appointment to both first level (clerical) and second level (technical) positions in the career service which do not involve practice of profession and are not covered by the Bar, board, and other laws, while the Subprofessional Eligibility shall be appropriate to first level positions only.

The CSC reminds passers that, to be appointed in the government, the education, experience, training, and other competency requirements of the positions must also be met.

How to get test results

The complete list of successful examinees of the 7 August 2022 Career Service Professional and Subprofessional examinations may be accessed from the CSC Exam Portal at

The CSC said that Certifications of Eligibility are expected to be available by 9 November 2022. Passers are advised to verify first with the CSC Regional/Field Office concerned the availability of the said certification as well as the requirements and procedure in claiming it.

Meanwhile, examinees, both passed and failed, may generate their individual rating through the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System or OCSERGS at

The CSC warns the public against trusting information posted in any other websites or social media links that are not affiliated with the CSC or are engaged in the unauthorized use of the name of the agency.