In the dynamic age of technology, organizations nowadays are often data and goal-oriented. Naturally, achieving targets is a priority, and doing so is a basic skill that leaders should possess. But an underpinning leadership trait is often overlooked by most leaders: being people-centric. People-centric leaders embrace and uphold the welfare of their people. More than anything else, these leaders go after the successes of each member of their organization, celebrate their achievements, and build them stronger after failing. They make sure that they instill in their people the reason behind their work and the right sense of purpose.  

Even though this takes time, they know that doing such is an investment beyond their personal goals. Thus, in September 2019, leaders will discover how people-centrism plays a vital role in becoming an effective and efficient leader as well as how this practice will have a great impact not only on their organization, but on the people working behind the scenes for its success.

Target Participants:

Public Sector Executives, Managers, Directors, Division Chiefs, or those in equivalent positions.

Performance Objective:

By the end of this one-day forum, participants shall become aware of effective management and leadership practices as well as emerging trends in leadership from exemplary leaders, organizations, and leadership gurus .

Learning Objectives:

Specifically,bBy the end of this one-day forum, participants shall be able to:

  1. Be inspired by the leadership style and accomplishments of exemplary leaders;
  2. Explain the latest management and leadership concepts;
  3. Establish and build networks and partners among fellow participants; and
  4. Commit to practice effective leadership styles to drive organizational excellence;

Course Outline:

Module 1: Sharing by an exemplary leader or a leadership guru

Module 2: Reaction from a panel of high level leaders

Module 3: Round table discussions

NOTE: A certificate of completion with 8 leadership and managerial training hours will be given to participants who have successfully completed the program/course.