26 March 2020 - Filing of applications for the 21 June 2020 Fire Officer Examination (FOE), Penology Officer Examination (POE), and Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) has been suspended until further notice, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced.

Originally scheduled from 31 March to 30 April, the application period has been suspended in view of the Enhanced Community Quarantine being implemented in Luzon, as well as the community quarantine in other localities in the country, due to the coronavirus disease-2019 or COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested applicants are advised to keep themselves posted on subsequent exam announcements/advisories to be posted on the CSC website (www.csc.gov.ph) or on the CSC Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/civilservicegovph) or the official Facebook pages of CSC Regional Offices.

The resulting Fire Officer Eligibility from passing the FOE, and the Penology Officer Eligibility from passing the POE, are both second level eligibilities that are specific and appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, respectively, and other functionally related services. These eligibilities, however, are not appropriate for ranks under the Philippine National Police.

The BCLTE is part of the Standardized Examination and Assessment for Local Treasury Service (SEAL) Program of the Department of Finance (DOF). The civil service eligibility resulting from passing the BCLTE shall be called Local Treasurer Eligibility, a second level eligibility only appropriate for appointment to Local Treasurer and Assistant Local Treasurer positions, and to positions under the Financial Services that do not require practice of profession and are not covered by Bar/Board or special laws.