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Question Application process

10 months 4 weeks ago #1480 by Christened Arbee
Christened Arbee created the topic: Application process
Goodday. If I apply for a certain position in our Office and it lasted for almost 1 year and haven't heard anything from the Human Resource Office about the status of my application what should I do? And if after 1 year of not hearing from them the item was already occupied do I have the right to be informed what happened and I was not included even in the interview?

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10 months 3 weeks ago #1486 by Action Officer 5
Action Officer 5 replied the topic: Application process
Dear Ms. Christened Arbee:

Please be informed that it is the policy of the Civil Service Commission not to render opinions or rulings on issues that may eventually be a subject of a controversy or complaint before it. This is specially so if the material facts necessary to arrive at an objective analysis of the case are incompletely presented.

Be that as it may, based on the facts that you have presented, we deem it more prudent if you first file a written request for update on your application for promotion at your agency's Human Resource Office to be appraised of the actions taken by the said office on your application.

We hope that we have assisted you on this matter.

Action Officer 31

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