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Question Timelines in Processing of Appointment/Promotion

1 year 3 weeks ago #1353 by Lei
Lei created the topic: Timelines in Processing of Appointment/Promotion
Good day.

1. Is there an established timelines in processing of promotion papers?
2. The vacancy was published on October, examination was conducted on November but up to April, the processing stopped without clarification on the matter. Publication validity will expire on July.
3. In the 2017 ORAOHRA, it was mentioned that publication of vacancy is valid for nine (9) months and if no appointment is issued, it will be republished. Is it still true even if there is a qualified applicant and the reason that the appointment is not issued in due time is because the placement board intentionally did not go on with the process?
4. Is there a way to compel the placement board to continue the processing if there is no valid reason of deferring it?

Thank you for your clarification on this matter.

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1 year 2 weeks ago #1363 by Action Officer 16
Action Officer 16 replied the topic: Timelines in Processing of Appointment/Promotion
Please be informed that as a matter of policy, the Commission does not render opinions or rulings on issues that may eventually be the subject of court litigation or appeal before it. This is especially so if the material facts necessary to a judicious adjudication of the issues are not fully presented or substantiated as in this case.

Nonetheless, this Office would like to inform you that the Revised Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Personnel Actions does not provide any period within which an appointing authority should issue an appointment to fill-up a vacant position. Fundamental is the rule that appointment is an essentially discretionary power and must be performed by the officer in whom it is vested according to his best lights, the only condition being that the appointee shall possess the qualifications required by law. If he does, then the appointment cannot be faulted on the ground that there are others better qualified who should have been preferred. This is a political question involving considerations of wisdom which only the appointing authority can decide. (Español vs. Civil Service Commission, G.R. No. 85479, March 3, 1992).

We hope to have enlightened you on the matter.

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1 year 2 weeks ago #1368 by Lei
Lei replied the topic: Timelines in Processing of Appointment/Promotion
Thank you for your reply. Just for clarification, does the discretionary power of the appointing authority include his discretion to delay the processing until the 9-month period expires and again re publish? In case, the initial evaluation resulted to a LONE applicant being qualified, can he delay the process so that other applicants maybe qualified if the vacancy is republished? What should be the action of the LONE applicant?

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